Witnessing : A Reflection on the Metis Relationship Accord Signing

Last Wednesday, I had the honor to attend the signing of the Metis Nation Relationship Accord, between the British Columbia Government and the Metis Nation of British. I was privileged to witness this opportunity through current role in the Aboriginal Youth Internship Program.

As a Metis woman I think a lot about how we cultivate relationships in the government and community as a whole. In what ways do I hold responsibility to this relationship and how does my work shape the future for generations. I am honored to witness to hold my community high and in my heart. To hold space facilitated for the recognition on a pathway to reconciliation.

I witnessed a historical moment and in my witnessing I wondered why behind closed doors, why in an intimate setting with a dozen people. I do not say this to criticize but rather to open up dialogue to the ways in which create formalized relationships, the ways in which our communities have valued the holding up of commitment and truth.

I’m humbled to witness, I grateful to stand proud with the amazing metis interns who also witnessed but I missed the embrace of a community that’s larger in physical being and spiritual power.


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