Book Review | Symptoms of Being Human

book cover: with black drawing of hair on a white cover. totle of the book symptoms of being human in purple lettering in the centre. two thrids of the way down the page it reads boy or girl?yes. bottom of the cover lists author jeff garvin in green

Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

Tags: Young Adult, Fiction, Coming of Age, LGBT2SQ+, Bullying, Self-Harm

This Young Adult novel is one that youth and adults alike will not want to put down. Through the first person narrative, Riley a gender-fluid teenager navigates school, violence, family, therapy, relationships,anxiety, and finding self in the process.  Gavin’s intention to veracity brings froward an honest and vulnerable view into growing up gender-fluid. The weaving stories and truths will keep you wanting to read. Highly recommend for youth, parents and people who work with youth.

Acknowledgement: This book deals with identity politics, self-harm and gender based violence which may impact the reader in a variety of ways, including triggered experiences.