Me and this Site

My foundation

Greetings – Kwe’ – Mabpwika

My name is Jessica Humphries. I am a mixed-race urban Indigenous queer woman; My mother is Irish, Scottish and Welsh, my father is Metis, Mi’kmaq, and Black Nova Scotian, and my paternal bloodline is of Kalinago and Afro-Caribbean descent from St.Kitts.

My learning:

I hold a BA in Women’s Studies and Art History from the University of Victoria and a Masters in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Washington iSchool. In addition, I am active in wellness communities and I am continually shaping my own practice as an indigenous body in fitness, yoga, and foodie practices.

My practice

At the core of my work is the commitment to the communities I am part of by working towards shifting the way knowledge is formulated, (re)defining the way we conceptualize services to library patrons, and moving archives away from static narratives. Which I bring into my work as a curatorial researcher, librarian and community practitioner.

My intentions

Through this page I intend to share who I am both as a professional and a person. Building on shared knowledge and educational practices my hope is to share my experiences, interests and eventually services. This is a place of sharing, growing, and living.