Forgotten Labour Series | Feeding the Dunsmuirs

Image is a set table located in the hatley castle

Originally Published on Crossroads Image Courtesy of the Royal Roads Archives Among stories of the prominent Dunsmuir family that called Hatley Park home, are the lesser-known stories of the staff who fed them, attended to their children and worked as their chauffeurs. Ah Hoy was one such cook. For about five decades, Hoy lived with and […]

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Royal Roads Forgotten Labour Series | In the Time of War

Abstract 2nd in the Forgotten Labour Series this article highlights a few of the hidden narratives that tie into war times and some of the projects that push us to think about our shared histories. Link to Full Article 

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Royal Roads: Forgotten Labour Series 1

From the Archives: Forgotten Labour Abstract: Some of us are familiar with the narratives of Chinatown communities, those labourers who shaped the rail and mining economy but less is known about the cooks and labourers who worked for wealthy European settler families. Link to Full Article

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